CPS: Passengers without masks on a plane not allowed

the aircraft will not let passengers without masks, also at the entrance to the salon in people with symptoms of the infection will be contactless to measure the temperature. To remove the mask during the flight, passengers will be prohibited. This is stated in the recommendations of the CPS for the phased release of coronavirus restrictions in civil aviation.

Crews will also have to wear masks, and they also will measure the temperature. Utensils in flight should only be disposable. After each flight the aircraft will be disinfected. These requirements apply to the first and second stages of the removal of restrictions.

In the first phase, the aircraft commander (FAC) and the second pilot will control the aircraft without masks and gloves, but to remove them will only be in the cockpit. Hands should be treated with antiseptic. Upon each exit from the cab a mask and gloves should be worn. Flight attendants should be wearing masks and gloves all the time, masks need to be changed regularly. KBC has the right to control the state of the crew, including to members of the crew with body temperature above 37 degrees to the flight were not permitted. To monitor the health of the crew on the report of the senior steward will be and after the flight.

the mission crew members are forbidden to travel by public transport, shops and places of entertainment. They are required to wear masks and gloves and to observe social distance.

the Passengers in the flight should also wear masks and gloves. During the flight it is impossible to stand, with the exception of the toilet, there will be supervised by the flight attendant. It is also impossible to get the top clothing from the shelves for no good reason. Food is only allowed in individual packaging or disposable tableware.

In the second phase, those restrictions will remain, except that the mode “fasten your seatbelts” will be applied as usual, with restrictions on movement around the cabin.

At the third stage, the most significant restrictions for passengers and the crew will be charged. Masks and gloves are mandatory only if there are people with symptoms of SARS. Restored the normal scheme of power supply on the flight.

How passengers will eat without removing the mask is not specified.

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