CPS: this year's tourist season in St. Petersburg will not be

Saint Petersburg is not ready for removal of restrictions, and the tourist season this year, the city will not. This statement was made chief sanitary officer of St. Petersburg Natalia Bashkatova at the round table conducted by RBC St. Petersburg.

“the City categorically not ready to lift restrictions… this year, I think the tourist season in St. Petersburg will not be. I would venture to suggest that in other regions, too”, — said the head of the city epidemiology.

Bashkatova notes that the next package remove the restrictions, which will be announced before June 14, will not affect the catering, shopping centers and parks.

“the Example of Moscow, where earned shopping centers, we have no record. In Moscow restrictions began two weeks earlier than us, they had reached the plateau with a downward trend in morbidity, therefore, began the third phase of the lifting of restrictions,” — explains Natalia Bashkatova.

She noted that St. Petersburg is only approaching the first stage, and reduce the incidence of coronavirus in the city. As for shopping, they will open only at the third stage.

Earlier it was reported that from 1 June in Moscow to visit the open parks. At the same time, in Smolny, said that St. Petersburg residents are hoping for similar relief.

Recall, for the last 24 hours COVID-19 revealed at 376 St. Petersburg. Only in St. Petersburg since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus recorded 16 689 thousand cases of infection, 6 thousand 8 recovered, 223 died.

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