Creed II , in theaters now, marks the end of a period. The one where Sylvester Stallone put on the gloves of Rocky Balboa to distribute mandales. It is, in fact, of the last partition of the “Italian stallion” in the skin of the legendary boxer. The time has come for him, he says, to pass the torch to a new generation of actors, as portrayed by Michael B. Jordan. In this sequel to the spin-off of the saga started in 1976Le actor of 31 years, seen in Black Panther campe Adonis Creed.

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Three years after the events of the first part of Creed , it has definitely built its reputation. Coached by Rocky, it became world champion heavy weights. The pugilist is married to the glamorous Bianca (Tessa Thompson). Everything is for the best in the best of all worlds. I barely have the time to enjoy this moment of bliss shared that things took a turn for the worse. The son of Ivan Drago, the mastard Russian who has killed his father in the fourth episode of the saga (1985), arrives to challenge him. Rocky is against it. Him, hesitates.

the rest of The story is not the most original either, but it is not unpleasant, according to our columnist Eric Neuhoff. “The scenario unfolds with a predictable relaxing”, he says in his critique. An opinion that is shared by Stéphanie Belpêche in The Sunday Newspaper : “What does it matter if the scenario is stitched with white thread, the jubilation of back in the world of Rocky is intact,” says the journalist in the pages of the weekly.

“In boxing, everything is in the emotional”

In fact, that we look for in a Rocky ? Emotion, drives the “old” and fighting in the ring, ” says the chronicler of the website Sweat . For him, “the specification is perfectly filled” in the Creed II . “If the scenario is actually basic, it contains a few good moments”, he added, noticing the way the performance of Michael B. Jordan, who had shone in Black Panther last year. In CinemaTeaser , there is enthusiasm also in front of a “Michael B. Jordan of the great days”. The actor is not only there for boxer his opponents with his fists. It is necessary to also touch the audience in the heart. “Before yet another boxing movie, Creed II is the story of parentalités tormented,” says Simon Materials in its analysis for Wide-Screen .

Creed II is a film about the figure of the father, away, become, or alternative”, we read in Obs . If he is nice to look at, however, it suffers of”a first-degree little smart,” adds the journalist of the magazine. By wanting too much “play it safe”, the film by Steven Caple Jr. “due to lack of boldness,” writes Sylvester Picard in First . The fault of Stallone? For this eighth feature-length film of the epic Rocky, this is “the Expendable”, which has retrieved the pen, left to Ryan Coogler for the last episode Creed: The legacy of Rocky Balboa . In the pages of the World , it is a pity “inventiveness” made by the director of Black Panther . According to Thomas Sotinel, a columnist of the daily newspaper, Stallone “lines up the shots”. What about the hooks?

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Our brother Paris went to interview professional boxers. “The film keeps its promises,” according to Michael Soro, European champion medium weight in 2015. For Maïva Hamadouche, a boxer of Clichy-la-Garenne, Creed II is a success. “I’m totally recovered,” says the world champion of the super-feathers. It shows that, in boxing, everything is in the emotional. It is not only necessary physical capacity to become a champion. You have to be ready mentally.” Here is some what discourage the bad language to approach the ring.