Criticizing the

Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Nicodemus temporarily, for two months banned in service hieromonk John (Kurmanova) from the Ob for criticizing the design of the main temple, the Ministry of defense in Moscow.

As the “” the earlier monk said that the temple “is built in an open field”, i.e. does not involve the formation of local communities, and this, according to John, turns the structure into a “pagan temple”. “This is another example of how Christianity becomes commonplace paganism, with its temples, patrons, icons, arms, temples profession,” wrote Kurmanov in Facebook.

For this post, Metropolitan Nicodemus rebuked the monk in the service for two months “in connection with the discrepancy between the rank of the cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church”.

“that’s for the priest protested the presence of Soviet symbols in the temple, and the cap of Hitler as a “relic” etc.” — said FR John. He noted that shared his opinion, “not from the rostrum” and in the social network with a dozen friends.

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