Juillettists and Augustians were slowed down for 862 km around 11:30 a.m. nationally, indicates Bison Futé on its website. This is slightly less than a year ago (880 km).

As usual, the traffic is particularly difficult in the Rhône valley on the descent, with more than 150 km of traffic jams.

Heading south, the Lyon-Orange journey time is 05h20 instead of 01h30. Heading south, the Orange-Lyon journey time is 02:20 instead of 01:30.

The slowdowns are improving on the A7, however, compared to the morning, with 49 km of slowdowns, against 141 km around 11:00 a.m.

Further south, the A9 remains one of the most affected axes, with 85 km of traffic jams.

Heading south, the Lyon-Orange journey time is 05h00 instead of 01h30 and 02h00 instead of 01h30 between Orange and Lyon.

The A10, which connects the Paris region to Bordeaux, is the most congested, with 105 km of traffic jams at the end of the morning.

Friday had already been classified as red but there were fewer traffic jams than in 2021, with a peak of 753 kilometers of traffic jams recorded at 5.30 p.m. throughout the territory, compared to more than 1,000 km on Friday July 30, 2021, thus respecting the trend: since the start of these school holidays, traffic on the motorways has been less important than in 2021 during the same period.

Fewer traffic jams are expected on Sunday, a day classified as orange in the direction of departures, but red along the axis of the Rhône. In the direction of returns, traffic should become more fluid but slowdowns are expected in the south-east quarter.