The formal notice is, after the warning, the second level of warning from the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication (Arcom) before possible sanctions.

In the event of a repeat offence, Arcom can decide on sanctions, such as the removal of a section of advertising, the reading of an apology press release during a television news or a fine of up to 3% of the turnover.

Asked by AFP, C8, channel of the Canal group, owned by Vivendi, did not wish to comment.

At issue according to the regulator, comments made in October by the host on the set of his program “Touche pas à mon poste” (TPMP) on the murder of young Lola “while the judicial investigation relating to this case was open”, according to a press release published Friday by Arcom.

The authority indicates that it was “seized on numerous occasions following several sequences of the program Touche pas à mon poste”, and that these sequences, by “their repetitive nature, reflect a breach by the publisher of the obligation to handle an ongoing legal case with moderation”.

Cyril Hanouna “repeatedly made remarks relating both to the conditions in which the trial of the person charged was to be held and to its outcome”.

“He has in particular repeatedly called for speedy trials and automatic life sentences in such cases,” said Arcom.

– Fine of 3 million in 2017 –

The authority also notes “that the host was able to express his opinion at length without a quick and effective contradiction being opposed to him”, thus contravening “the obligation to respect the expression of the different points of view at the antenna on a controversial subject”.

The circumstances of the death of Lola, 12, and the profile of the suspect, of Algerian nationality and subject to an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF), had provoked strong criticism on the right and to the extreme right.

Four days after the girl’s death, Cyril Hanouna had sparked controversy by taking a position on this file.

“If we have all the evidence, it’s direct life. I’m sorry. There is no alteration or non-discernment,” he said on October 18 on the set of TPMP, a locomotive program for C8 hearings.

“It’s the kind of case where, crazy or not crazy, she must be in prison. She must not be treated,” the host continued.

“Not aware of his actions? It’s a law that must also be revised. (…) To hear this speech in France, I can’t take it anymore, it’s unbearable and the laws must change”, had- he concluded.

Asked about the host’s position, the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti called it a “negation of the rule of law”.

Cyril Hanouna is also in the spotlight for having insulted live on November 10 on his show the Insoumis MP Louis Boyard, former columnist for TPMP.

“Abruti”, “cob”, “buffoon”, “you’re a shit”: the host had showered insults on the young deputy who had just accused the “five richest people” in France of “impoverishing Africa”, including the billionaire Vincent Bolloré, owner of the Canal group and close to Cyril Hanouna.

A week after this projection, Arcom announced Thursday to study the possibility of a sanction procedure by transmitting this new case to an independent rapporteur, member of the Council of State.

Expert in lucrative clashes in audiences, Cyril Hanouna has already earned his channel numerous warnings and sanctions, including the heaviest ever pronounced against a channel, a fine of 3 million euros for a hoax deemed homophobic broadcast in another show by Cyril Hanouna in May 2017.

This same hoax had led to an unprecedented deluge of complaints to the regulator, which had suddenly recorded a record number of reports in 2017.