Cyril Nabutov: To vote and the parade of masks on us

In the regions of Russia gradually soften restrictions. And it’s not improving the epidemiological situation and to the impending vote on the amendments to the Constitution and the Victory parade, I’m sure a sports commentator and TV presenter Cyril Nabutov.

“to understand whether our people to the lifting of restrictions, you just need to go out. Of the three dozen bystanders in masks will be three or four people, and gloves — none,” said Nabutov.

the Commentator shared his impressions from visiting the St. Petersburg hospital — despite the fact that at the entrance it was reported that you can go without a mask is impossible, people freely entered without any means of protection.

“Just our people — the winner, including coronavirus. People vote with their masks, and the masks dropped. Everyone wants freedom,” concludes the commentator.

Cyril Nabutov notes that, despite the impossibility of returning to a normal life in a broad sense, restrictions are removed.

“People don’t like to think about distant consequences. And those who think for them, think about landmark constitutional vote and the epochal victory parade. And by the time the masks certainly can not be” — says the commentator, adding that the whole situation is a very “Russian language” — because people rely on “maybe” and hope that the pandemic has passed.

social networks class residents also complain that the restrictions are removed, although the situation with the virus still has not improved.

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