Working on four continents, Dada Masilo is a rabid of the great myths of the scene. She has revisited swan Lake and Carmen , personifying each time the character title. Here she presented at the Villette sa Giselle , created in 2017. Once more, this ballerina is intense, sharp and charismatic, break the taboos. The fiancée died of love avenges. And the want the spirits of the dead in Africa that do not leave the living in rest.

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Giselle, claws out, leads the band of Willis to the rampage of the traitors without mercy. The african percussions are leading the dance. The viewer is pleased, even if Théophile Gautier and Heinrich Heine must be turning in their graves. Masilo rule of dances barefoot, for itself and for the corps de ballet.

once again, it does not leave aside the swaying, kicking, and elk, african dance, even if it is part of the contemporary dance. His claim feminist is funny and full of tone. And its replays can captivate.


Grande Halle de La Villette (211, avenue Jean Jaurès – Paris XIXe)

Tel.: 01 40 03 75 75 Dates: from 18 to 21 dec. Seating: 8 to 35 €