For 55 years, the british director of documentary films who lives in London has been rewarded with five Bafta and has been nominated four times for Emmy Awards. If its investigations are still acclaimed by critics, including the New York Times , Leaving Neverland is his first success in the media world. A real leap forward for his career and his production company, Amos Pictures.

LE FIGARO. – Michael Jackson is not the first star accused of pedophilia. Why be interested in him? Because you have never believed in his image of the angel?

Dan REED. – This subject happened by accident. I am not interested, nor celebrities, nor to Michael Jackson. After several investigations on terrorism, I shot a documentary on the jungles of Calais, and one on Amazon, Google and Facebook to the BBC. At this time, I end on a subject of shock on the antibiotic resistance that I hope to sell to HBO. In February 2016, after my film about the attack on Charlie Hebdo , we were looking for with Channel 4 a topic …

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