running Time: one hour and thirty minutes. Age: the quarantine. Number of representations: 755. Music: Schubert, Gavin Bryars, Gilles of Binche. And will May B , created by Maguy Marin in 1981. The years may pass, the work has lost nothing of the force that had been jeering at his creation. It’s the american critics Anna Kisselgoff who first consecrated as a masterpiece. Maguy Marin was designed under the shock of his reading of Beckett. She who had danced in Béjart, among a set of interpreters to the body beautiful and radiant, was looking since long time to break with the ideal to speak of the human with the dance.

She put the scene of the body of tramps not always celestial, whose body language borrows from that of a boy strange met in the family where she was staying in Brussels, where she danced in Béjart.

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A long treatise on the human condition

Dressed in white shirts, half-shirts, half-shirts of the night, they move in schools like fish, crinkle, incredible, laugh out loud, getting lost, dragging feet, reel, ahannent, blow loudly. Their eyes are highlighted with red, nose and ears mangled clay of which they have coated their face. They gripe, grope, grapple, collide with, copulate, embrace. They are what we are, the revolution of Maguy Marin is to have been able to say it with a choreography. And open an entire field to the dance. The room, in an hour and a half of the dial, said as much as a lengthy treatise on the human condition. It does not wear out and returns us constantly to the poor clay that we shaped them.

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throughout his life, Maguy Marin has taken over this room. She made him go around the world teaching little by little to the public who has received the amazing power of the dance as soon as he comes to speak of the human being, and not only to create his dreams or his admiration. The dancer brazilian Lia Rodrigues participated in the creation in the middle of a dozen dancers. She became a choreographer and has set up a company in the favela de Mare, near Rio. To help Lia, who are not in receipt of grant, Maguy Marin has entrusted to him May B with the right turn in South America. A passport to be able to survive.

One will find the room with happiness on the stage of the Espace Pierre Cardin, who currently serves as a refuge for the Theatre of the City. In the company, the generations of dancers put their not in those of their predecessors. Today, the daughter of Maguy Marin, Louise, is on stage. To the creation, Maguy Marin was pregnant with his older brother.

Pierre Cardin 1, ave Gabriel (Viii).
Tel.: 01 42 74 22 77.
Hours: from 27 feb. at the 2 march to 20 h.
Seating: from 10 to 30 €.