On one leg and bell-foot, James Bond never gives up. Such could be the new motto of the secret agent after the slight ankle injury that has forced the actor Daniel Craig to pass on the billiard table. On the twitter account of Eon Productions, the producer of the historic saga of the best agent of her gracious Majesty, the production team has posted a reassuring message: “Daniel Craig is going to undergo a small operation to the ankle following an injury during filming in Jamaica. We continue the work during her convalescence of two weeks. The release date remains unchanged.”

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The filming of “James Bond 25” has been temporarily suspended after the actor, 51 years old, slipped accidentally while it was running in stage costume. This type of accident is fairly common for an actor like Daniel Craig, who makes it a point to want to participate in the waterfalls, as spectacular as many in the James Bond.

The film must be ready for the spring 2020

In fact, this is not the first time that Daniel Craig is the victim of such a mishap. The actor, who, like Jean-Paul Belmondo, and Tom Cruise, is a point of honor to want to do his stunts all alone, has been injured almost consistently during his adventures, bondiennes. As soon as the filming of Casino Royale , in 2005, Daniel Craig received a violent blow in the face. The actor is doing with two broken teeth and a few back and forth trips necessary the dentist.

The litany of physical problems continues in Quantum of Solace in 2008. Here the secret agent combines the injury: shoulder muscle torn, ribs cracked and cut to the inch. A true remake of Dangerously yours … The filming of Spectrum , released in 2015, will transform into a kind of apotheosis of the fig. The filming had to be stopped during two long weeks after the daredevil MI6 suffered a knee injury during a fight with a villain-of-service.

In any case, regardless of the injuries and the pips of health, the 25th film should leave on screens in the spring of 2020. The fans know for a long time: with 007, tomorrow never dies.