When Jean Gabin listened to My old man of Daniel Guichard at the tv, he said to his children: “be gentle bass, it’s the kid!”. It was a half-century already, and the kid now has just turned “sixty-ten blades,” as he himself says with his wonderful accent parisian.

After you have blown out the candles on his birthday cake on stage at the Olympia Bruno Coquatrix on 21 November, the popular singer, in the noble sense of the term, begins on January 18, a large tour in France, entitled, with malice, as to defy the passing of time, Until then it’s going to .

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Before returning to the road in his motorhome with his children and his wife – who all work with him – to Tours, Bourges, Orléans, Beauvais, Rouen, Toulouse… (40 dates in total), Daniel Guichard met with Le Figaro. Of the Halls where still minot he unloaded boxes of vegetables, and then of the Butte Montmartre, where he écuma cabarets by singing Nini skin dog and the tunes of Aristide Bruant’s up to tenderness and Must not cry like that , back on the journey of a gypsy singer, goualantes at the edge of the shots.

LE FIGARO. – You have Just celebrated your seventieth birthday, and your career began over fifty years ago. How have you done to keep a public that is as faithful?

DANIEL GUICHARD. – I followed the advice of Charles Aznavour, who had told me to never follow the modes. He was right because fashion, by definition, it goes out of style. You know when you listen to the songs of Brel and Bécaud, they touch at once the hearts and souls. The sentiments are eternal, and I sing about things that move me and move people. It exceeds the air time.

Do you feel anxious before you begin your tour in the province?

I’m not the only one to feel an emotion. Me, I think that people also have stage fright. Because they are reliving their memories. It is for this reason that I begin with My Old man . This song, it speaks to all the world. A day in a plane, I found myself next to a banker. We talked and he told me that he chialait listening to My Old. His father was a banker himself, was not wearing a overcoat grated but it reminded him of his childhood. That’s what a song. And what’s more, they come to see if I’m not too fucked-up! (Smile).

There’s a trick that’s funny. They often say to me: “You haven’t changed”. As I am a part of their lives, of their memories, it means: “we also, it has not changed too much”. This is the chance to be a singer popular with the public, it belongs at bottom to the same family. When he wishes me “Happy birthday”, I know they are sincere. This is why it is a joy for me to find them.

You have learned your job entertainers in the cabarets of Montmartre. Tell us about your years of learning.

My father worked in the factory, to fifteen years for me to make as I was strong in the halls so you understand that my beginnings in the cabarets of the Butte, it is a time that we cannot forget. I remember that I was singing the laments of Aristide Bruant. You know, Nini skin dog , The black Cat . This was a great school. A little later, I went down into the latin Quarter to the English channel in a box held by Carlos, and then Au pied de cochon at les Halles. I had a boyfriend who was accompanying me to the accordion. I can tell you that when they sang the repertoire of Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, singer / songwriters of the hill, it pleased the people. Yes, it certainly is where I learned that he had to give everything to the public.

official Website of Daniel Guichard: find all the dates of the tour Until then it’s going to . Phone: 07 61 45 21 11

in Order to put the water to the mouths of the lovers of the French song, “Le Figaro” has put together a selection of the most touching songs of Daniel Guichard, the Gypsy to Must not cry like that through My old man and a poignant revival of Don’t leave me by Jacques Brel.

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