This is the first time that it does not make us laugh. While at home, we will miss: his charm, his smile, his culture. With her big glasses, she would have been able to be a big sister, a mom, a cousin. Thanks to her, life was rose-cheeked. In Mask and the Pen, she sang, mimed scenes, forgot that it was on the radio. Above all, she didn’t want to be taken seriously.

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The cinema was his man. She was known as his pocket. She had directed topics, signed tons of reviews, reports. Personally, I remember her on the shoot of Not suspended from the stork , in the north of Greece. It was cold, the landscape was a pie, a pope deranged was broadcasting religious songs at full volume in order to protest against the film of Angelopoulos. In the living room of this impersonal hotel, Danièle was interviewing Jeanne Moreau, taking notes in his small notebook. In The World , a few days later, his article was a lively, fair, accurate. Danièle was like that.

A heroine to the Michel Deville

speak ill of a producer is not the enchanted not. On the radio, we didn’t always agree, but it was a hundred times better to oppose it than to agree with someone else. She told the press before that and it was a planet missing. His memories of Cannes brightened her conversation. She had seen it all. The rest, she had the right to invent it. It would have been a splendid heroine of Michel Deville in his early days, for example.

She loved dogs, took his granddaughters in the halls of Montparnasse, always asked of new. Not for a second, we do not think that she could leave us. What a nasty trick! It will be necessary to speak of it in the imperfect, now. It’s going to be hard.

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