what’s the point of making movies if this goes hand in hand with suffering? Pedro Almodóvar had given a response element with the very autobiographical Pain and Glory . On Wednesday, Dario Argento offers another illustration in the documentary Jean-Baptiste Thoret, Sighs in a corridor far , in cinemas from 3 July.

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For the Italian filmmaker, a film can be shaped in suffering,” he says in the preamble of this film centered on “the master of anguish”, which was shot between 2000 and 2019 in Turin and Rome. It is one of the many confidences dragged by the director of Shivers of anxiety to Thoret, in this was in two parts, which will delight film buffs and fans of giallo.

The forty-five-minute mix with exclusive interviews and images captured on the set of a filming of Argento. More free, the second half, in black and white, follows the director of The Bird in the plumage of crystal during his travels, day-to-day: a park, the old library Angelina in Rome, an opera, a villa abandoned… places that can be found in his work, as those famous corridors which give their title to the documentary, as a guided tour of the obsessions that work Argento since childhood.

The cinema as psychoanalysis Dario Argento in search of a grimoire in a library in rome. The Films of the Camelia

Would it be a filmmaker of the unconscious, and he who draws from her fears and fixed ideas to create? “The fantastic, it’s like psychoanalysis,” says the filmmaker, for which an author tells things in a symbolic way, as “an alchemist” modern.

You have to see it, marvel at old manuscripts, hidden from the Inquisition, to comment on a painting by Georges de La Tour, going off on a tangent on the frailty of human memory or to explain the necessity to the narrative of a camera movement to take the measure of the sensitivity of Argento. It is the same one that it put in scene in The Stendhal Syndrome there are twenty-three years already.

With Sighs in a corridor far , Jean-Baptiste Thoret is a portrait of a man sensitive, fussy and obsessed with the creation at the point of building a relationship ambivalent and quasi-masochist in his work.

*Sighs in a corridor far, currently in theatres