Copycat, Katy Perry? It is in any case that accuses him of the justice of california after a two week trial, brought by the group Flame and its leader, Marcus Gray. The latter accuses him of having blithely copied his title Joyful Noise.

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Billboard reports that a court in Los Angeles comes to give reason to the rap group christian. The competent jury for the occasion, consisting of six men and one woman, were of the unanimous opinion that the song Dark Horse the singer was too close to the song of the plaintiffs.

● The video clip of the Dark Horse , Katy Perry

The decision considers that the fiancee of Orlando Bloom and his collaborators have not respected the copyright and have copied the rhythm and the music of the song released in 2008… Even if, of course, the translator of Teenage Dream and his team (Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Music, Max Martin, Cirkut, Sarah Hudson and Dr. Luke) were all denied having one day heard this song.

A penalty soon pronounced

During the trial, the singer explained that his staff had submitted a variety of musical excerpts, the who has subsequently inspired for his song controversy and the pace of two titles was “banal” and so fell easily into the category of copyright. The lawyers of the opposing party, them, considered, a contrario, that the pieces resulting of a Joyful Noise had been deliberately resumed.

The story is not yet finished: very soon, a sanction must be imposed as well as compensation for victims, who have begun legal proceedings against the singer of 34 years and his relatives as early as 2014. Released in September of 2013, Dark Horse is from the album Prism and has accumulated over 2.5 billion views on Youtube in January 2019.

● The video clip of the Joyful Noise Flame