“At the request of the Prime Minister, we will double the credits for integration and we will condition in particular the multi-year residence permit for a foreigner who spends several years on the national territory (to master) the French language, either for naturalization either for a regularization examination,” Mr. Darmanin told the National Assembly.

Currently, at the end of a first year of legal residence in France, a foreigner can benefit from a multiannual residence permit for a period of four years, provided that he justifies his attendance and the seriousness of his participation in the language and civic training under a Republican integration contract and has not shown any rejection of the values ​​of the Republic.

“Tomorrow, to obtain the multi-annual card, it will be necessary to justify a minimum level of French”, specified to AFP the entourage of the minister.

In an interview with Le Monde, Mr. Darmanin said on Saturday that the government wanted to make possible the expulsion of “any” foreigner “who” has committed serious acts “by lifting in particular the condition of the age of arrival in France. .

“I have indeed proposed, at the request of the Prime Minister, the expulsion (…) of people who are responsible either for radicalization or (who have been sentenced to) sentences (…) definitively pronounced by justice”, detailed Tuesday the minister in front of the deputies.

He added that “2,650” people had been expelled from France for over a year.