Darya Domracheva has advocated for fair elections in Belarus

the Famous Belarusian athlete Darya Domracheva said about his attitude to the forthcoming August 9 election of the President of Belarus. However, she did not say anything about which candidate she prefers.

“numerous questions about my attitude to the upcoming elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus would like to leave here an exhaustive answer: “I am absolutely for free and fair elections in our country”. Similarly, as for that presidential candidates must meet specific legislation requirements. My right and duty as a citizen to vote on 9 th and vote. Native peace love Belarus!” — posted by Daria in Instagram.

Domracheva four — time Olympic champion, she was awarded the title Hero of Belarus.

As you know, the ongoing campaign for elections of the Belarusian President criticized international organizations and the opposition inside the country. The last of many perturbing fact was the arrest of the presidential candidate Victor Babariko.

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