In 1981, the German filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen brought back the claustrophobia, and the primal fear of a Second world War that was played under the world’s oceans by following a nazi submarine mission. Crowned with two nominations for the Oscars, Das Boot becomes a classic. It now has its sequel in the form of a series of German of the same title, epic. Eight episodes, not to miss under no pretext on the platform Starzplay (available on Apple TV).

1942. Port of La Rochelle in occupied France. Simone Strasser takes his position at the Command. There she found her brother, radio officer. Assigned to the U-Boat of the inexperienced captain Hoffman, he asks him to deliver a fold. Here it is mixed with the Resistance even though its charms do not leave indifferent the head of the Gestapo played by Tom Wlaschiha ( Game of Thrones ).

“The series was born out of a misunderstanding. The president of our group, Bavaria Fiction, said to think of a remake of Das Boot. The Hollywood Reporter has …

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