Data of participants of online voting are large-scale test

Double voting, fraud and other incidents in the plebiscite on amendments to the Constitution will not allow. This was stated by Moscow territorial electoral Commission remote electronic voting.

At the initiative of the Public staff “all records submitted to e-voting, are multi-level verification in various databases,” said the Commission.

In manual mode, the precinct election commissions (PECs) were collated information from more than 1.5 million personal accounts. Thus it was revealed about 2 thousand potentially questionable entries, from which, after additional testing to isolate 284 “doubtful records that are suspect in the clean user data”.

At the end of the online voting, the election commissions to voters lists on the Internet — a “to verify” that all of these individuals are “removed from lists to receive newsletters”.

Earlier it was reported that journalist Paul Lobkov have voted twice on the site and remotely. He said that his voice was read in both cases. The CEC accused Lobkova in provocation and stated that the urn with his sealed ballot.

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