Daughter of Ephraim commented on the information on its registration in the Telegram

the Daughter of an actor of Michael Efremova Anna-Maria has responded to media reports that her father was suspected of violating the regime of house arrest due to check-in blocked on the territory of the Russian Telegram messenger.

she said, RIA “Novosti”, the father currently has no mobile phone. Anna-Maria also said that the father does not use social networks except Whatsapp.

She suggested that the registration numbers of Ephraim in the Telegram may indicate that the phone is the Manager or his wife.

Earlier it was reported that Ephraim accompanied by employees FSIN was taken from the apartment where he is under house arrest.

Subsequently, the source reported that the actor was taken to a new interrogation.

Yefremov made a fatal accident on the evening of 8 June in the area of Smolenskaya square. Behind the wheel of his jeep, he in the opposite lane rammed the van. The driver of the car died in hospital.

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