Daughter of Ephraim spoke about the persecution of journalists

the Daughter of Michael Ephraim, who was responsible for a deadly crash in Central Moscow, have faced harassment of journalists.

According to her, representatives of the media “waited for her at the door, jumped out and began to pursue”. In Twitter the girl released a video which shows how a reporter with a camera prevents daughter of Ephraim, to go quietly and not responding to numerous requests to leave her alone.

Anna Maria Efremova said that in shock from what was happening, and asked to tell her whether or not to submit a statement to the prosecution.

Earlier she had asked for forgiveness from the family of the deceased in the accident involving her father Sergei Zakharov.

we Remind that on June 8, Mikhail Efremov in a state of alcoholic intoxication on his jeep crashed into the opposite lane in the car delivery. The driver of the minivan, Sergey Zakharov died from injuries in hospital.

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