Daughter of Ephraim spoke harshly about the

the Daughter of Michael Efremova Anna Maria cursed TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, who said that her transgender could lead to alcoholism of the father.

“sweetie, how dare you accuse me of irresponsible behavior of my parents? And right in front of the relatives of the deceased? I knew you… (bad word). But didn’t think to the same extent”, — she wrote on Twitter.

Anne-Marie noted that she “has no right” to hold her guilt in the crime of the father. She also protested that journalists “had the balls” to invite her on a talk show.

Recall that a fatal accident involving Ephraim took place on 8 June in Moscow. Artist at his car crashed into a van, whose driver later died. Medical examination showed that Yefremov was drunk also in his blood found traces of drugs.

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