Five years after Gone Girl , it is back. David Fincher is preparing a biopic about Herman Mankiewicz, known for writing Citizen Kane, a classic of the seventh art directed by Orson Welles. For the feature titled Mank , a nickname that had been given to the author, the filmmaker will rely on a scenario that Jack Fincher, his father, a scriptwriter and former editor-in-chief of Life Magazine , was written before shutting down in 2003. If the details of the plot are still unclear, several u.s. media as a Variety and Hollywood Reporter , have indicated that the project would come out on Netflix.

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information is surprising in view of the fact that the giant of the streaming has recently announced that it wants to review its investment in the original films. After The Information Netflix would take these measures after the failure of Triple Frontier feature film with Ben Affleck – David Fincher has directed in Gone Girl, just – released last march.

A famous critic in the 1920s

Before becoming a screenwriter, Herman Mankiewicz, was a journalist and critic in the 1920s, and was part of the Algonquin Round Table, a literary circle is very popular in New York. At the end of the decade, the doors of cinema open up to him. He was hired by Paramount to go to Hollywood and work in the film industry, then in the midst of a transition. A far cry from the IMAX or 4Dx today, the seventh art is to move from silent films to talkies.

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He composed several masterpieces, among them: The Wizard of Oz , by Victor Fleming in 1939, The winner of destiny , with Gary Cooper in 1942, or even gentlemen prefer blondes in 1953. But it is a few years earlier, in 1941, that “Mank” was a hit, with Orson Welles, writing with him Citizen Kane .

To embody, Herman Mankiewicz, David Fincher counts on Gary Oldman. And to keep the authenticity of the Golden Age of Hollywood, the director of Fight Club has decided to shoot his film in black and white. Its production is expected to start in November.