They have marked the history of cinema. In a statement released this night, the Academy of Oscar announced that it would reward in the month of October, David Lynch, director of worship, Geena Davis, an actress engaged for the rights of women, Wes Studi, actor and native american activist for her community and Lina Wertmüller, a maker of Italian known for his satires of social.

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Geena Davis, winner of the Oscar for best supporting actress for Traveller in spite of himself in 1988, “is an activist passionate about the equality of the sexes”. She has founded an institute designed to combat the inequalities and stereotypes against women in film and television, is the Academy in its press release published on Monday.

Geena Davis has also created the film Festival in Bentonville to promote the place of women and of diversity in the entertainment industry. The star of Thelma and Louise has been chosen to receive the 27 October, the humanitarian award of Jean Hersholt, Oscar awarded irregularly by the Academy to recognize an individual “whose humanitarian work has brought honour to the cinema industry”.

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nominated for Oscars on multiple occasions, but always unfortunate in the competition, the director David Lynch ( the Elephant Man , Blue Velvet , Mulholland Drive , etc) will finally put a statue of honor at the ceremony of the Governors Awards”.

American original Cherokee, Wes Studi will receive an Oscar of honor this fall, a first for an actor in native american. “I am very honored”, tweeted the actor who is particularly well illustrated in Dances with wolves , the Last of The Mohicans , Heat and Avatar .

at the Age of 71 years, Wes Studi “was very involved in politics and activism in favour of the Indians” after being enlisted in the army to go fight in the Vietnam war, underlines the Academy.

As for Lina Wertmüller, 92 years old, she is the first woman to have been selected by the Oscars in the category of “best director”. In 1976, she was nominated in this category and also the “best original screenplay” for his film Pasqualino .

known for his satires of the society and manners of the Italian filmmaker, who was an assistant to Fellini on 8 1/2 , in the early 1960’s, has also signed Mimi metallo injured in his honour, or love and blood , with Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren.