Even in a virtual world not everything is allowed. According to Kotaku, the video game DayZ comes to the painful experience. On sale on digital platforms such as Steam or the PlayStation Store, the project is going to be prohibited on the australian territory because of a new functionality that is offered to the players: treat themselves by smoking cannabis.

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The publisher Five Star Games had requested the australian authorities to be able to distribute its game in a box. The Australian Classification Board has therefore looked again on DayZ and its content to check if the ban at least 15 years of age (PEGI 15), already in force because of the presence of violence, sex crime and drug abuse, was still relevant. In the course of this study the organization of classification has noticed a problem that will lead to consequences more severe for the editor. Players can use “joints” to heal their character. The presence of the drug would have been banned in more than 18 years (PEGI 18), but that the drug will become a reward and it’s a whole different matter. “The consumption of drugs (such as marijuana) as an incentive or reward during the game exceeds what can be taken into account in the classification R18+ and therefore must be rejected”, says the report.

A hasty decision,

For players, it is lack of understanding. As this use of cannabis is not yet implemented in the game, but simply provided by the developers in a new update. Today DayZ does not violate any moral code, but is still banned in Australia. The developers of the game are looking for a solution because they can not afford to spend of this market. “The community of players australians is an important part of our community. We seek the best solution for the game remains on the market, and passes the classification,” said the studio on Twitter.

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This is not the first game that is prohibited by the australian authorities. Fallout 3 and Outlast 2 had suffered the same sentence because of scenes of sexual violence and a background of “violent and immoral”.