In 2011 the young filmmaker Lionel Baier has already made a beautiful tribute to the talent of Claude Goretta in the documentary called godspeed . The announcement of his death on 20 February at the age of 89 years, has just been confirmed by his son, Lucas. This filmmaker as passionate as meticulous had received in his career with two prestigious awards at Cannes for The Invitation and Lace .

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Born in Switzerland on June 23, 1929, Claude Goretta showed very early a real fascination for the seventh item After law studies, he founded with his friend Alain Tanner’s ciné-club of the university of his native city, Geneva. Filmmaker among the most talented of the 1960s and 1970s, he produced mainly documentaries and adaptations of classic works and theatre play for television.

With two of his works are major, The Invitation in 1973 and then Lace in 1977 and Claude Goretta will receive the dubbed final of his peers in Cannes. It will get to the first film, the jury prize dufFestival and for the second, the prize of the ecumenical jury. Her heroine, Isabelle Huppert, will also be consecrated, being crowned by a Bafta and a David Donatello in 1978 in the title of the best actress foreign.

With the disappearance of Claude Goretta, the Swiss just lost one of its greatest filmmakers, a man who had, through his art, an astonishing power of evocation.

As a tribute to the talent of Claude Goretta, Le Figaro presents the summaries of his two most notable works of film, The Invitation and Lace .

Lace , by Claude Goretta, 1977, with Isabelle Huppert, Yves Beneyton, Florence Giorgetti…

The Invitation by Claude Goretta released in 1973, with Jean-Luc Bideau, François Simon, Jean Champion…