All the teenagers of the 80’s will remember without doubt the designs of Denis Sire, the curve sensual of his pin-ups, as well as that of vehicle-racy (cars, bikes, planes, rockets …), which he sketched with a retro style chic that was doing wonderfully.

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death at the age of 65 years, this pillar of the pages of the journal Metal Hurlant , the flagship magazine of COMICS of the 70s and 80s, worn by the spirit of seething and longing for freedom of an editorial team that was nicknamed the “Humanoïdes associés”.

Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Philippe Manoeuvre, Mœbius), Philippe Druillet and Bernard Farkas were these “Humanoïdes associés”: the same ones who had enabled Denis Sire to assert his style in Metal Hurlant , between 1979 and 1986. How to define it? He had his ttrait a certain nostalgia for the America of 50 years, the hollywood cinema and its vamps glamorous the Marilyn Monroe.

It was during his studies at the école des arts appliqués, he met Frank Margerin, the future designer of Lucien. Fans of rock, both founded the band Los Crados, which was succeeded later the very pop Dennis’ Twist, which worked on the COMIC strip writers such as Vuillemin, Frank Margerin, Jean-Claude Denis, or Dodo. It was at this time that Denis Sire shows a few album covers for the band Taxi Girl.

A smooth, sensual and inventive

It will be remembered that this native of Saint-Nazaire (September 4, 1953), biker at heart, made his first weapons with a series of science-fiction in black and white, Threatening Evil (1979), fleurant good the space opera way Flash Gordon of Alex Raymond. He went on to publish a series of short stories, very “Yé-Yé” met in the COMIC, 6T Melody .

Her smooth, sensual and inventive was then stated in the diptych Wood Willys and Lisa Bay (published in the collection the Foot jealous of Humanos), featuring a pair of heroines adventurous (Ziblyne and Bettie) in a Brittany fantasy, where we crossed by turns revolutionary freedom fighters hidden and flying, dangerous humanoid robots and spies of all kinds.

the death of Metal Hurlant , in 1986, Denis Sire joined the group Albin Michel and draw in the journal the Echo of The Savannas . With the staunch support of Jean-Pierre Dionnet, he continues to publish albums, including Ziblyne and Bettie . In 1997, he edited a new album is always so sensual and timeless. The island of the Amazons , on a scenario of Dionnet.

Lovers of beautiful bodywork, Denis Sire is also moving towards the automotive press. It publishes collections of drawings automobiles such as Racing (1992), or Races of legend (2003). He died in the flower of age, in a manner as brutal and unpredictable, a bit like the rockets slender that he knew so well to draw.