The rock French is in mourning. Dick Rivers died this night, on April 24, 2019, as a result of a cancer. The singer would have turned 74 years old. His manager Denis Sabouret announced the news of her disappearance in a short message posted on the Twitter account of the singer: “I have the great sadness to announce that Dick Rivers died last night died of cancer. Our most loving thoughts to his wife, Babette, as well as his entire family.”

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Dick Rivers, who had represented, with Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell, for lovers of american music and country, “the holy trinity of rock, French”, has had a superb career of more than half a century. Man faithful to his original love of rock, he has known in fifty-five years of ups and downs, punctuated often by breaking records in the top of the hit-parades.

Hervé Forneri, the city its name, is born in Nice, france. A city to which he would always keep a strong attachment. During travels in the United States in the 50s, he discovered the blues, rock and roll, and country, which will form the matrix of his work. With Jack Look, Jean-Claude and Gérard Roboly, he founded the group the wild Cats at the beginning of the sixties . They then take as a model the King in person, Elvis Presley.

Hey Pony!, This is not serious, Twist à Saint-Tropez … at the same time to black Socks Eddy Mitchell, the band has success. A year after this series of tubes, Dick Rivers decided to go solo. Adapting standards of English rock and american, the young singer, then only 19 years old, will continue to impose itself with such titles as Will you will you and Just make me forget.

In 2014, Le Figaro met one who remains a pillar of the rock French. His passion was intact. To relax and to immortalize his youth, he said with his spontaneity usual: “At this moment, I’m listening to the album Out Among the Stars of Johnny Cash, recorded in 1981 and 1984. In Austin, some guys pose for a photo with me because they find out that I like him!”. Today Dick is gone to find Johnny and Elvis in paradise rockers.

Dick Rivers with Wild Cats sing Is it that you know?