Her delicate beauty, consumed by eyes of blue sapphire come from russia, had made her the favorite actress of Georges Franju. The filmmaker made the play in six of his films to inspiration fantastic. Edith Scob, an actress as talented in front of the cameras as on stage, died at the age of 81 years. The announcement of his demise was made by his agent with the AFP.

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Edith Vladimirovna Scobeltzine was born on the 21st of October in Paris. She is a direct descendant of a white Russian. One of his great-grandfather was a general in the imperial army. The other came from a family in the cévennes region. His passion of a teenager to the theatre and will certainly be a way for her to break free of the strict education given by his protestant family. Very quickly, she did some figurations. The destiny knocks on his door as soon as Georges Franju note his presence and his deep eyes that devour already the camera. She is 22 years old and the director is going to entrust to him the character of a crazy in The Head against the wall .

It is so convincing that, a few months later, Franju gives him another role while also scoring in Eyes without a face (1959). In the Face of a cosmetic surgeon camped by the great Pierre Brasseur, its beauty hidden behind a mask, is the sad result of experiments to be guilty. The fans don forget never his eyes, his gaze shocked by the unhappiness and perversion. John Carpenter for Halloween , and Pedro Almodóvar for The Skin I live in will recognize their debt to the film, a pioneer of the fantastic genre.

This adaptation of the novel by Jean Redon and his character as a guinea pig (unforgettable Christiane) continue all his life Édith Scob, who, many years after, declare not without a hint of bitterness: “I probably agreed to too many things directly inspired by Eyes without a face.”

“I’ve always made sure to be in the second line”

After this composition memorable, Georges Franju directs it in the 60s in three other works: Judex, Thérèse Desqueyroux, Thomas l’imposteur. Paradoxically it is not the New Wave but some of the most brilliant filmmakers involved of the time will use his amazing cinégénie.

It lends its characteristics to the Virgin Mary for Luis Bunuel in The milky way in 1969. And then it works for Andrzej Zulawski in Faithfulness , for Jacques Rivette also in Jane the virgin , a historical figure in that she embodies with a blatant truth.

In 2012, Leos Carax, it interprets a driver to the scaffold of Holy Motors , pythia, is worrisome for the thousand and one lives of Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant). Presented at Cannes, the film is variously received by critics and went back home empty-handed from the Croisette. Its strangeness and melancholy were in any case perfectly to the Russian soul of Edith Scob.

The theatre could not ignore this actress subtle and temperament of the tragedian. On the boards, she does not hesitate to confront the texts of the greatest authors under the direction of directors as prestigious as Antoine Vitez, Luc Bondy, Claude Régy. Recently, it was Arsinoe, it is poisonous in the gloomy Misanthrope, staged by Michel Fau in the Théâtre de l’oeuvre (2014). There is also a small handful of productions from which the one of the Guy, text of Russian poet Marina Tsvetaïva, at the festival d’avignon.

Finally the tv could not move to the side of an actress as Edith Scob. Again it will mark the memories with the incarnation of a canopy, a martyr, a victim of a husband vampire, in The doll bloody in 1976.

she will have to wait for 2008 for that the French cinema of the crown of a Caesar could not be more deserved of the best second female role for his masterful composition in dst Olivier Assayas. She played the mother of Juliette Binoche, Charles Berling and Jérémie Renier. A character who had only one thing in mind: to ensure the posterity of his uncle, the painter Paul Berthier. An obsession of transmission who also saw the whole life of woman and artist of the unforgettable Edith Scob, who shunned honors like the plague.

In the portrait that he spent our confreres Release in 2009, it was noted: “In my private life as a professional, I have always made sure to be in the second line. (…) I feel I have had all my life to do with the notion of disappearance.”

As a tribute to the talent of Edith Scob, Le Figaro presents, in the video, a small selection of her film career, the Eyes without a face of Georges Franju to dst of Assayas passing by Therese Desqueyroux always of Franju and The milky Way of Luis Bunuel.

Eyes without a face of Georges Franju, 1960, with Pierre Brasseur, Alida Valli, Édith Scob…

Therese Desqueyroux by Georges Franju in 1962, with Emmanuelle Riva, Philippe Noiret, Sami Frey, Édith Scob…

The milky Way of Luis Buñuel, in 1969, with Paul Frankeur, Laurent Terzieff, Denis Manuel, Edith Scob, Daniel Pilon…

dst Olivier Assayas, 2008, with Charles Berling, Juliette Binoche, Jérémie Renier, Édith Scob…