Fred Rister went to dance on the other side. The producer and composer a native of Dunkirk, died Tuesday in his ninth cancer, after stopping the treatment in 2017. Collaborating with David Guetta since the 2000s, the man considered as the shadow of the DJ has a mark on the world of music by his compositions that have become global hits. I Gotta Feeling , Love is gone or When Love Takes Over with which he won a Grammy Award in 2010: they are all signed by the artist in the North.

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The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

“A magician of the agreements”

His passion for music was awakened at the age of eight years with the title Whiter Shade of Pale (1967) the british rock band Procol Harum. At this moment, his fate was for him the path, to become a musician or anything. Unfortunately, his father did not hear from that ear, considering his art as “a thing for drug addicts”. A warning that does not scare off the young Frédéric Riesterer who, a few years later, was to become a DJ.

Asked by Le Figaro , DJ LBR said of him that he was a “magician of the agreements that always happens to find the thing that gives you goose bumps. It gives a depth of soul to the music business. There’s a kind of immediacy and sensitivity in his life that he reveals in his own way”.

● David Guetta & Chris Willis – Love Is Gone

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To flower of skin, the musician has struggled to manage its reputation and its success. “The people commenting always and me to imagine such a life. The jealousy becomes all-pervasive” confessed it in our pages. The release of his autobiography Do people dance edited by 2018 returning to these moments of doubt, of success, his relationship with David Guetta. “He had the ear, and me the heart,” he writes.

David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland – When Loves Takes Over

The cancer is stronger than the music

But the biggest fight of his life was the disease. After enduring eight cancers, the artist decided in march 2017 to make the weapons by refusing all treatments. The doctors give him two years to live. But a year later, the release of his title I Want A Miracle left no doubt as to the mentality of flying by the composer.

● Fred Rister – I Want a Miracle

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“Talented, humble and discreet” David Guetta

It is his publishing house, which has informed this Tuesday the disappearance of the musician who will dance in the world. David Guetta on Instagram has made it a vibrant tribute to the one who has been up to the end of his friend, his shadow. “Today, someone very special to me is gone. Fred and I have shared some of the most important moments and the most beautiful of my life, producing disks together. These discs have changed the culture of music, dance but also pop.” It further welcomes the memory of “the person most loyal that I have encountered and they are so rare in this world, a human being talented, humble, generous and discreet.”

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Today someone really special for me left . @fredristermusic and I shared some of the most important and beautiful moments of my life producing records together like ‘I Gotta A Feeling’ that stayed 16 weeks as number one in America, Memories’ gold-When Love Takes Over’. Those records have changed dance music culture but also pop music. I remember each second of it ; from choosing chords together to working on drum sounds for hours, learning together and from each other. He was the most loyal person I met and they are so rare in this world, such a talented, humble, generous and discreet human being. We were always here for each others; for music and for life like it is in an ideal family when you trust someone with no limit. I feel very lonely right now crying in my bed, but I guess it’s better this way as his cancer was making him suffer a lot. Rest in peace my friend I’ll keep playing our music and I’ll think of you every time. We lived our dreams and way beyond and I’m forever thankful

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the family of The composer reflected also on the page Facebook of the native of Dunkirk, all their love: “It was for his friends a sun, for others a sacred man, a person on whom we could count, a man who makes us dance”.