He made his first steps in Italy as a pirate or a secret agent but it is ultimately the suit of the cowboy that he was going to the better. George Hilton, the legend of the spaghetti western is dead. Last Sunday it was unsheathed for the last time. Put in the ground yesterday, it was his companion who announced his death on social networks.

British-born in Uruguay in 1934 under the name Jorge Hill Acosta y Lara, he first Argentine in 21 years to start a film career under the name of Jorge Hilton, and arrives in Italy in 1963, attracted by the flourishing film industry of the romans. The beautiful dark at the physical edge will become very popular with the shooting of more than 70 movies, mostly westerns, and movies with suspense or horror.

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A big name from the spaghetti westerns

He acquires fame with Time of the massacre (1966) Lucio Fulci, who made him a celebrity of the spaghetti western. It obtains as of the year following the year of the first roles, especially in Three guys, a handful of gold of Mauricio Lucidi The vultures attack of Nando CiceroIl. or in I’ll, I shoot and I come back Enzo Castellari, one of his films, the most well-known with the character of “the stranger”. It is truly becoming an icon of the genre in the skin of the gunslinger Alleluja, immortalized in films of Giuliano Carnimeo .

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His name was associated with this genre film, with other actors as Terence Hill, Franco Nero, Giuliano Gemma.