He sang the colors of the nation arc-en-ciel. The disappearance of the lead singer of Asimbonanga , death at 66 years died of cancer he was fighting for several years, has moved the whole world. “Johnny Clegg will live always in our hearts and in our homes where we will listen to his music, mixing vibrant celebration of the cultures and political resistance,” said the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa in a statement. The head of State has hailed the memory of”a countryman of exceptional and an icon of social cohesion and anti-racism”.

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This is an earthquake for the country in which the figure of Nelson Mandela is still very present. The political party in power and the Nelson Mandela Foundation have both paid tribute to Johnny Clegg in a press release. Nathi Mthethwa, south african minister of Culture, was mentioned in a tweet the lyrics of the song Asimbonanga : “Oh, the sea is cold and the sky is gray”.

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“One of the greatest emotions of my life”

the disappearance of The singer has moved to France, where many personalities have reacted. Yannick Noah has been a part of its upheaval on Instagram: “That night when you sang Asimbonanga to Madiba for the first time!! We were there with Andre Agassi and Boris Becker.” “One of the greatest emotions of my life,” he adds.

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RIP JOHNNY CLEGG One of the biggest emotion of my Life . That night you blood assimonanga to MADIBA for the first time !! We where there with @andreagassi and @borisbecker .. respect for ever my friend ! You made a difference for all of us !! @nelsonmandela @freedomfighter

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For its part, the host nagui (French speacker) responded by publishing a black and white photo where he is next to the singer during an interview.

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On Twitter, Marc-Olivier Fogiel has also been moved to this disappearance. “I loved you infinitely,” he wrote. Bernard Lehut, the Mr. books of RTL, evokes for him the “memories” and makes it “pay heartfelt tribute to the White Zulu”.

“a time that goes away”

in The course of its quantante-year career, Johnny Clegg has inspired dozens of artists. In France, Helene Segara had returned Assimbonanga in 2010. “When I submitted my resume to Johnny Clegg for this song, he had asked me not to forget to mention the names of famous activists who fought apartheid”, she told in a message published on social networks yesterday evening.

Lolita Séchan, the daughter of the singer Renaud, praised the “a time that goes away”. His father had collaborated with the white Zulu, in producing, inter alia, the album One Life , released in 2006. The French singer had also dedicated the title Jonathan from his album Fucking truck.

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Any one time who is going to #johnnyclegg

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