Michel Aumont died on Thursday at the age of 82 years. Member honorary of the Comédie-Française, he was above all a man of the theatre. Immensely talented, the actor has managed to get a place of choice on the boards. With seven nominations for the Molière two of which will turn into price, he has left his mark on the French theatre.

The cinema on the other hand has long been proven to be less generous. Subscriber to the roles of the second plan, the actor has earned three nominations at the César of the best actor in a secondary role. He has worked under the direction of the greatest like Francis Veber ( The accomplices ), Claude Zidi ( Ripoux contre Ripoux ), or Bertrand Tavernier ( A Sunday in the country ). Back on the roles that built his legend.

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The Miser

there is No need to introduce this legendary piece of Molière. Michel Aumont knows particularly well, he who has embodied the main character of Harpagon,”the miser” in the title, more than… two hundred times in twenty years at the Comédie-Française! But always with the same fervor.

Courage, let us flee , by Yves Robert in 1979

A man of cowardice confusing let his wife lead his life without saying anything. One fine day, he falls in love with Eva, a cabaret singer. Refusing his cowardice hereditary, the man will do everything to show off his inner adventurer, in full May 68.

This film represents the first nomination at the César of the best actor in a supporting role for Michel Aumont, who embodies Franckie, a journalist reporting the events in paris.

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A Sunday in the country by Bertrand Tavernier in 1984

Mr Ladmiral is an old painter, without genius who lives alone in the countryside with her household since the death of his wife. Every Sunday, he welcomes his son Gonzague (Michel Aumont), and his wife and three children. But when the sister Gonzaga, liberated woman, comes to join the family meeting, his energy and his non-conformism have changed the habits.

The actor interprets a role here serious man without fantasy, square and tidy. A performance rewarded with a second nomination at the César of the best actor in a supporting role, five years after Courage, let us flee .

Ripoux contre ripoux by Claude Zidi 1990

back in a second pane, after Les Ripoux , the two cops corrupt François and René, who had however decided to be honest, are suspended because of an old story. They are then replaced by another pair of police officer, while also ripoux, of course…

Michel Aumont interpreter the commissioner Bloret, the superior of the police. The accuracy and the involvement of the actor, contributed significantly to the success of the film. With this role, Michel Aumont proves once again that he is able to switch from one register to the other without difficulty.

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Macbett of Eugène Ionesco in 1992

At the bend of a walk, the barons Glamiss and Candor are plotting to overthrow Duncan, the archduke fearful of the kingdom. But they are surprised by Banco and Macbett, faithful to the sovereign, and this rebellion is quickly crushed. On the way back, our two faithful generals are going to make an encounter that will awaken their thirst for power and change the destiny of a whole people…

This piece of Eugène Ionesco takes the Shakespearean tragedy to turn it into a burlesque comedy. Embodying Macbett, Michel Aumont unleashes his comic talent to provide a service spectacular. In 1990, it earned him his first Molière.

Michel Aumont in Macbett Screenshot