the world of culture is in mourning. The philosopher Michel Serres, died Saturday at the age of 88 years. Writer and historian of science, a member of the French Academy, was an intellectual figure popular with the public for his thoughts tinged with optimism on the education and ecology. Since the announcement of his death, tributes multiplied on social networks.

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first on the side of the government. “The world has lost a great intellectual, who did shine in the philosophical tradition of French beyond our borders. The French lose a familiar face who could put his erudition at the service of all, and which, up to the threshold of his life, he sought to enlighten his knowledge and his intelligence in the life of our Nation,” expressed the president and Emmanuel Macron in a press release. “Farewell to Michel Serres, the honest man par excellence, the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries, eclectic, humanist, and visionary. (…) His thoughts on education will continue to influence us”, welcomed the minister of national Education Jean-Michel Blanquer. His colleague, Culture, Franck Riester, a tribute to a way of thinking “bright and modern, poetic and accessible.” “The warmth of his voice, we miss you already,” he wrote. The minister of Economy, Bruno Mayor, says he is “very saddened” by the death of Michel Serres, “a man of enlightenment and reason, that had made her know huge the most beautiful part of her humanity”. The minister of higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, sees it as “our contemporary capital, sensitive to the novelties of the time such as the invariants of men and things.”

Several politicians have also praised his memory. For Yannick Jadot, the boss of the Greens, it was “a great humanist, has always stayed in connection with his time and has kept a confidence great in your youth.” The head of the list of Public Places in the last european elections, the philosopher Raphaël Glucksmann has also written a few lines.

The deputy LREM and mathematician, Cédric Villani, remembers “a tireless builder of bridges between disciplines.” “Speaker passionate, southern-warm, large, child-loving future, he was comfortable from the first words and used in the discussion,” he added. “A man of sharing has left us,” says Clémentine Autain, deputy France insubordinate.

To Jack Lang, who had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the past as minister of Culture François Mitterand and then, more recently, as president of the Institute of the arab world, it is “the idea of a philosophy of joyous, (that) is gone” with the death of the philosopher. The philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy greet “the absolute knowledge made man. Philosophy, science and literature, ranging from not even.

“This is amazing, with Michel Serres, it is that his work embraces a spectrum is considerable, of the university of the strictest, most rigorous, pounds the greater public,” said the philosopher Raphael Enthoven at the micro Europe 1. It was an excellent connoisseur of Tintin. And for a reason very special, he imagined his disappearance as Tintin goes, a paddle stroke, in l’ the broken Ear , in a river infested with piranhas”, he added.

Lescure, Delahousse, Aliagas…

The former director of France Info Michel Polacco, who has presented during 14 years with him, the chronicle’s Sunday the meaning of The info , has paid tribute to the antenna “a character quite exceptional that France has had the honour and the opportunity (…) to possess,” emphasizing his view of things “truly original”, its “fabulous culture” and his “incredible ability to put itself at the level of the whole world”.

Pierre Lescure, the president of the Cannes film Festival, and a columnist in C on France 5 in despair: “Oh no…Michel Serres… Thank you for everything, always…” While the presenter Laurent Delahousse greet his “eternal youth”. Its patron saint Delphine Ernotte is “sad” to learn of the disappearance “of one of our greatest men of letters, a philosopher and thinker of the nature, and education”.

the host of the morning franceinfo, Samuel Stephen remembers: “Michel Serres, laughed often those who say “It was better before”. He had been wrong. It was better before when Michel Serres was there, among us, enlightening the world of his intelligence, his gentle humanity.” During the semi-final of The Voice Saturday evening on TF1, Nikos Aliagas has also paid tribute.

Even the rugby club Agen, the city where the philosopher with the focus for rocky and the communicative warmth was born September 1, 1930, joined the tributes, posting on Twitter a photo of the “most illustrious of his supporters”.