His name was not necessarily known to the general public, but his music rocked a generation. Rémi Gazel, musician, jack-of-all and the creator of the original soundtrack of the game Rayman in the 1990s, died of cancer.

“Rémi my husband has passed away, announced on Sunday Nathalie Gazel on the social networks. Despite his struggle, his will to live and the constant support and unwavering from his loved ones, the cancer was because of him.” The funeral will take place in Béziers on may 31.

Musician of eclectic, passionate of jazz and brazilian music, Rémi Gazel is on stage, alone or in a trio, throughout the 1980s. It was before the revolution that established the composition on a computer, in particular thanks to the Atari ST, which will democratize and develop MAO (music assisted by computer). In the early 1990s, Rémi Gazel made the acquaintance of the young Michel Ancel, who is developing his first video game: Rayman . The platform game design cartoonnesque, published in 1995, immediately became a classic of the video game. A dozen suites and games derivatives will appear in the following years, notably with the appearance of at least as famous raving rabbids.

players who have discovered Rayman to its output is still fondly remembered today for the soundtrack jazzy, mostly composed by Rémi Gazel. Among the titles the most memorable, Mr Dark, The Forest of dreams or The Magician .

Since this success, the composer, who has never chosen to specialize in a genre or a year, has continued his work of composition and concerts. Twenty years after the release of the game, Rémi Gazel embarked on the project of a recording of his composition in an album entitled Rayman by Rémi .

at the End of 2018, he published one of his latest collaborations, recorded with the singer colombian Soil Diez, a song titled Jade .