Death of the Deceased with the coronavirus of people take into account by groups

All died from the coronavirus was decided to divide into several groups to account for in the statistics. As reported by RBC, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. Broadcast of the briefing was led by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“We, based on data from the who and the experience of our pathologists, have divided all causes of death that are somehow connected with the influence of COVID into five groups,” — said Golikova.

In her words, “the first group is mortality, which is clearly linked to COVID-19, where the virus is identified completely.”

“the Second group is cases in which the virus is not identified, but the disease is a high probability that the death was caused by COVID-19. These two groups merged into one — as being the core of the COVID-19. The number of deaths for April is 1675 as a whole, of which 1136 COVID 100% confirmed”, she continued.

Golikova added that the third group is associated with other causes of death, diseases that people suffered in life without regard to the coronavirus. This group is subdivided into two depending on the effect of coronavirus on the underlying disease.

“these people were identified tested positive for the coronavirus, and just here in this group of diseases we clearly were guided by the recommendations of the world health organization, classifying the main causes of death as postmortem autopsies” she said.

yesterday it was reported that citizens who have found a new type of coronavirus, but there are no complaints, should not be included in statistics of morbidity. This follows from the methodological recommendations of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, published on the Agency’s website.

“In case of detection of the virus in the absence of complaints, objective and additional information this state should be regarded as carriers of the virus and to encode the category Z22.8. Such cases statistics of morbidity and mortality not included”, — the document States.

Earlier, the Ministry of health reported that the official statistics on new coronavirus infection is formed only on the basis of laboratory confirmed detections of coronavirus.

As explained in the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, as those who have computed tomography revealed pneumonia, but no laboratory confirmation COVID-19, such patients contribute to the statistics only after re-examination of the coronavirus. In addition, continued in office coronavirus data does not include patients with normal SARS.

In recent days in Russia with the coronavirus fell ill 8 thousand 572 people, according to the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus (ICC). Per day died from disease, 232 people. Only in Russia coronavirus has infected 387 thousand 623 people died — 4 374 thousand, recovered — 159 257 thousand.

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