One reason she used both to see and to revisit, silhouette massive lightened by his recent health problems, which we took back for a pane of stories where his loquacity and his profession made it all seemingly easy, and brought a certain human element to all things. In February last, in the case of the all-new Institute Giacometti at 5 Rue Victor Schoelcher (Paris, XIVe), Peter Lindbergh showed his depth as an artist. The “pioneer of realism in the photography of fashion” came out of the prejudices on his / her person to talk about sculpture with Alberto Giacometti, the master of modern art who was born in Switzerland in Borgonovo (1901-1966) and the figure of years in Montparnasse.

Peter Lindberg died Tuesday, September 3, at the age of 74 years, announced his family to the AFP. His sudden disappearance leaves an ocean of women grieving, the most beautiful models in the world, who often have accepted a stripped away of the glamour of rigour. They have become sculptures, statues, …

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