He walked in the shadow of Renaud. Elder brother of the singer, with whom he maintained relations sometimes tumultuous, the writer and lyricist Thierry Séchan was found dead that night at his home in the Fourteenth arrondissement of Paris has learned Le Figaro of the police. The death, of natural source according to the first findings, dates back to several days.

Thierry Séchan, elder brother of Renaud, and of the sister of the singer, David, is the author of several novels and short-stories. He has also written numerous songs for other artists (Julien Clerc, Daniel Lavoie, Romane Serda, Elsa). He was also known for his confrontational relationship with his younger brother, of which he had become, in the face of the silence of the media Renaud, “a spokesperson of self-proclaimed”, providing details on the private life and the health of the interpreter of the Mistral Winner .

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In 2011, the year of the divorce between Renaud and Romane Serda, the two brothers were scrambled. Thierry Séchan had said that the singer had made a “good divorce”, taking advantage of its relationship with Renaud to produce his record. In addition, he had questioned, in large part, the interpreter of You were not there to the depression of his brother. Of the remarks which had hurt Renaud, according to the interested main.

relationship “volatile” and “tense”

the eldest of The children of Solange Mérieux and Olivier Séchan was, however, repeated his words several times, even going so far as to publish the book Letters to my brother Renaud , a work published to the Archipelago evoking the turbulent relationships between the two brothers. He taxed the former girlfriend of the singer of “courtesan conceited”. “We can’t all go to his brother, to his friend. Renaud is my friend and my brother. And Romance is not the best thing that she has arrived in life,” he wrote.

The two brothers barely reconciled, Thierry Séchan had slipped several statements with little to rave about Renaud in an interview with the Paris . He talked about the problems that faced the singer such as her alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, as well as his inability to sing correctly.

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“all of the statements made regularly in recent months by Mr. Séchan on the health of Renaud, as well as on the artistic content of his album do not engage, Thierry Séchan”, had challenged the artist’s press release. Shortly before the release of the album Still Standing , Renaud had referred to these conflicting relationships. “Thierry has been a lot written on my account, he said. Books. It is widespread in interviews sometimes overpowering when I wasn’t going to well. We have relationships fluctuating, which can be very strained”. In February 2018, it is David Séchan and not Thierry, who announced that Renaud would go back to the music, with an album of songs for children, after a big slump and a detox. This same David, who, with Renaud, has just sent this press release to AFP: “His brothers, as well as his three daughters, Olivia; Lou and Lila telling me to tell you with great sadness that Thierry Séchan died at the age of 69 years at his paris home of a natural death.”