Věra Bílá was “one of the greatest talents among us, not only among the musicians of roma, but in general.” These are the words of the music critic in prague, Jiri Cerny, spoke Tuesday at the announcement of the death of Věra Bílá. In prey in recent years to many of the health concerns, the singer was admitted Monday evening to the emergency room of a hospital in Plzeň (to the west of the Czech Republic). She died Tuesday morning, at the age of 64 years.

A concert at the White house before Bill Clinton

Born in 1954 in a family of musicians, the roma, Věra Bílá is produced in dozens of countries between the years 1990 and 2000, the apogee of his career. Accompanied by her group Kale, composed of his cousins, his vocals incomparable vibrated at the Olympia in Paris, royal theatre Madrid, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and even at the White house where she sang before the president of america Bill Clinton.

With his ebony hair, his complexion dark, and his heavy waistline, it looked like the legends of women with the american blues of the period between the two world wars. His repertoire was a mixture of gypsy music from central Europe and pop of the years 60. In his songs sung in romani, Czech and Slovak, she did not hesitate to speak of men or of women, of infidels, of the misery, alcohol and prostitution.

In spite of its many successes on the plates, she lived these last years in poverty, the result of its addiction to money games. In 2013, she had lost her adoptive son, 33 years of age. Despite his health problems, the singer had recently announced his return on stage with several new songs. It even had to happen this Friday at Solokov, near the German border.