To America, concerned about the edition 2018 successive heroines head in quest of emancipation. This is the promise of the 45th edition of the Festival of the american cinema, which opens this Friday in Deauville, france, provides the Figaro the artistic director of the event, Bruno Barde. The announcement of the competition where six movies over fourteen were directed by women is only the tip of the iceberg. Producer or director behind the camera, a large part of the films revolves around “ordinary women who seek to escape from the shackles of everyday life”, stresses Bruno Barde.

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In Swallow, a young pregnant woman (Haley Bennett, The Girl on the train ) develops a compulsive disorder of eating behavior, characterized by the ingestion of dangerous objects. In Skin by Guy Nattiv, which plunges in the wake of the white supremacist, it is through a woman that the redemption may be possible. Through Bull Annie Silverstein, a teenage vandal, discovers a new appetite for life under the orders of a former star of the rodeo. In Share of Pippa Bianco produced by HBO and discovered at Cannes where it was nominated for the golden camera, a teenager must be reminded of his evening, something that is not easy. Judy-and-Punch , with the Alice by Tim Burton Mia Wasikowska, dates back to the Seventeenth century and follows the puppeteers-making with a moral hardline on background of violence against women.

the competition, only two works are decidedly “movies for guys,” says Bruno Barde, who distinguishes between The Climb Michael Angelo Covino on two friends in the cold and the strange Lighthouse by Robert Eggers. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson camped out in this closed-door black-and-white two lighthouse keepers from a remote island of New britain in the 1890s. “A third of the thirty-six feature films that will be shown in Deauville have been shot by women,” says Bruno Barde, who see in it the sign of the slow but certain rise of female directors in Hollywood. The progression is certainly insufficient, but that, for the breeder, has also contributed to the advent of #MeToo.

Triple anniversary

under the presidency of Catherine Deneuve, this 45th edition is a triple anniversary. Almost a half-century of the festival, the 25 years of official competition and the ten years of the section tv series. Honored for their career, Johnny Depp who will come and present dystopia waiting for the barbarians , and the ex-James Bond Pierce Brosman embody this continuity, according to Bruno Barde. They will be joined by a trio of female head: Geena Davis, Kristen Stewart and Sienna Miller.

To celebrate a decade of the series, Deauville chooses a saga of worship, and offers, thanks to a partnership with OCS a new challenge: a marathon, a Game of Thrones . At the rate of one day per season for up to 11 hours to 22 hours, all the episodes of the saga cult HBO will have the honors of the big screen of the cinema le Morny. Not sure that the challenge will be human, but the bet is accompanied by the presence this weekend on the boards of Sophie Turner. The interpreter of the resilient Sansa Stark receives award New Hollywood and has the thriller Heavy in which she portrays the great love of a dealer.

Many of the presidents of the juries past will also come back in the seaside resort of normandy to celebrate a half-century of competition which has in particular recognized the first works of Damien Chazelle or Christopher Nolan. Are advertised, on Saturday, Vincent Lindon, Régis Wargnier, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Claude Lelouch and Olivier Assayas. The filmmaker will receive the award of the 45th festival to greet his filmography hyphen between Hollywood and the “7th art” habs and will unveil the thriller of espionage, the cuban Wasp-Network

Bruno Barde shall be completely at the turn taken by his festival is focused on independent cinema and has left out the films of the major studios . “The american cinema 100 movies of studios compared to 500 feature-length independent. The art is true when it creates, and not when it imitates. Unfortunately, the blockbusters, franchises obey more to economic imperatives and marketing to the art. In Cannes, one of the rare productions of the studios to bring a true vision was Once upon in Time in Hollywood of Tarantino”.

The artistic director is not shaken by criticism from feminist groups who accused him of opening the festival with A rainy day in New York city , Woody Allen, and have invited the director of afro-american Nate Parker, accused of rape by a fellow student, then acquitted in 2001. And Bruno Barde point: “I am very amazed of this company, which stones and lynch, where there is doubt of the american justice”.