Who said that Deauville did pinch that for the horses? The “top prize” – the 45th edition of the Festival of the american cinema is a bull. The grand prize awarded by the president, Catherine Deneuve and the jury returned to Bull . The first feature film by Annie Silverstein ticks all the boxes. Directed by a woman, it tells the story of a young heroine in the road to empowerment. Bull is a beautiful film. It represents what independent cinema US knows how to make it better, shoot landscapes and faces are forgotten the american dream.

Old glory rodeo

In Texas, in a poor suburb of Houston, Kris is a 14-year-old little spoiled by life. His mother is in prison. It ransacks the house of a neighbor, Abe Turner. The Turner in question is black. Above all, he is an old glory of the rodeo. Kris accompanies him on tours, and starts to ride bulls bareback. The drug dealers in the neighborhood are lurking, the mouise it sticks to the boots, but Kris takes his life in hand and the bull by the …

I log

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