Defrauded real estate investors of Leningrad region

real estate Investors of an unfinished residential complex “Desyatkin 2.0” in Murino in the Leningrad region addressed an SOS to the President of Russia. On the 20th floor of the house there was a huge inscription “SOS. Vladimir Putin, help! Dostroy Desyatkin 2.0!”. Photo real estate investors posted on “Vkontakte”.

“pregnant! Promises all promises, and confidence in them no! On the eve of the Supervisory Board of the Fund for the protection of shareholders and on the occasion of Putin’s visit to Navy on our unfinished appeared this inscription. We have nothing to add,” wrote the authors of the post, Recalling that years get replies and are unable to ensure that the residential complex is completed.

the construction of the LCD “Desyatkin 2.0” was launched in 2014, but in 2016 the Builder “Norman” stopped him. Despite the fact that out of the 1,672 apartments in the house sold 1644, the readiness of the building today — about 30%.

About the problems of “Norman” became known in April 2018, when in the unified Federal register of activities of legal entities there is a record of that group of companies is preparing for bankruptcy. The Builder has the obligation in 3 billion roubles in front of 6 thousand holders in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Director of the holding Vladimir Smirnov is under arrest, he is suspected of major fraud with the money of investors.

“the Decision to resume the construction of the authorities of the Leningrad region now shift to the Fund for the protection of the rights of defrauded investors. But promised in July by the Supervisory Board for our object be not in a hurry: too many long-term construction in the Leningrad region”, — sums up the shareholders.

we will Remind, Vladimir Putin is going to come to St. Petersburg on parade on the day of the Navy on July 26.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that the residents of Cuguevka in the Kursk region, appealed to Putin for help letters inches from potatoes.

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