Defrauded real estate investors of Volgograd has declared readiness to go on hunger strike

In Volgograd, real estate investors LCD “Admiralty” and “Dynasty” is ready to take extreme measures.

according to V1.Ru the shareholders have five years of waiting for the fulfillment of the promises of developers and officials, however, after the next statement, “Investtorgbank” they announced a possible strike.

According to the shareholders, at the next session of Arbitration court representatives of the Bank said they wanted to receive 60% of their loans from the Fund “HOME.Of the Russian Federation”. “The amount of debt — more than a billion. That is, before the completion, which will require 50-60 million rubles, the Fund must pay about 600 million rubles. So a dead end… While the Bank will not lower the bar to a reasonable level, it will not move from a dead point,” said rotor.

the Last straw in the patience of Volgograd has become a requirement of the court to prove the origin of money for purchase of apartments in newly built residential complexes. “On completion of the second house cost 10 million rubles. The third will take about another 35-40 million — explain real estate investors. — If you want all the work can be completed within one and a half to two months. However, works may start only after the ground will arrive the experts of the Fund “HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation“. In the spring they were stopped by the pandemic coronavirus. But what’s the problem here?”

“We pushed to the limit and declare that we will declare a hunger strike,” said real estate investors.

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