Degtyarev first came out to the protesters in Khabarovsk

acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev for the first time after his appointment went to the protesters in support of the arrested former head of the region Sergey Furgala.

“Moscow hears all, so sent you the acting to the region of slid without power… About Furgala I repeat: he is my comrade, a party member, I am very worried about his fate, the party assists him, gives him food,” — he said, reports TASS.

According to Degtyareva, now Khabarovsk Krai can not remain without a leader, so he by the decree of President Vladimir Putin, was appointed head of the region to “wonderful building (government region) functioned, it worked, the budget was spent on social needs.”

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