Dune will not be satisfied with a new film. The saga cult science-fiction written by Frank Herbert in 1965, will also be a series spin-off. Denis Villeneuve ( Blade Runner 2049 ), which is currently the film, will also participate in the production, the writing of the series entitled Dune: the Sisterhood, and will be in charge of the implementation of the pilot episode, according to Variety. The series will be devoted to the Bene Gesserit, an order consisting of only women to the mysterious powers including the mother of Paul Atréïdes, the hero of the first novel.

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“The Bene Gesserit has always fascinated me, said Denis Villeneuve in a press release. Centering a series on the order of strong women seems to me not only relevant and inspiring, but is involved in a real dynamic in the world series.”

many projects in the pipeline

The series, which will be published on the future platform of streaming WarnerMedia, will therefore be closely linked to the film, which is scheduled for 18 November 2020 in France. It is part of a broad plan for the producers Legendary Television, which have already announced video games, comics, books and digital content.

The producers are spoiled for choice in the expanded universe of six novels by Frank Herbert, extended by fourteen novels written by the son of the master of science fiction, Brian Herbert with help from Kevin J. Anderson. These will produce the new series, alongside Kim Herbert and Byron Merritt, who are also engaged on the film. Just as Jon Spaihts, screenwriter of Prometheus (2012) and Doctor Strange (2016).

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The famous saga of science-fiction will not be brought to the screen for the first time. In 1984 David Lynch was risky to write and carry out a first adaptation of Dune. The film, which included Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Virginia Madsen, or even Sting, had not convinced. There have also been two mini-series, one created by John Harrison in 2000, and the other in 2003, Children of Dune , inspired by the third novel of Frank Herbert.

filming from march, the film directed by Denis Villeneuve meet Timothée Chalamet ( Call me by your name ) in the role of Paul Atréides, Oscar Isaac ( Star Wars VII and VIII ) in the role of duke Leto Atréides, Rebecca Ferguson ( Mission Impossible ) in the role of Jessica Atréides, or Stellan Skarsgard ( Pirates of the Caribbean ) in the role of Baron Harkonnen.