Dentist told about the dangers of mouthwash

Not all mouthwash is useful for human health, so they should not be. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” was told by the dentist Mariinsky hospital Parviz Narziev.

Conventionally, all the means the physician has divided into two types.

“first, you need to treat. For example, the patient needs to eliminate microorganisms with periodontitis. Then we will offer some anti-bacterial mouthwash herbal: eucalyptus or oak bark, for example. But for tooth decay need other drugs, so you need to consult a doctor,” the doctor said.

a Completely different approach is recommended in the case of prevention of oral diseases.

“there’s mouthwash, on the contrary, maintain the balance of microflora. The benefit to this, of course, but be sure to read the components. The main thing that they were natural, no chemicals, otherwise it will be disturbed pH environment. Everything should be individualized. You can use several times a day, after each meal,” Narziev said.

He warned that because of the wrong choice of possible violations of health: caries, plaque, stones, the appearance of breath. As a result, may develop periodontitis, pulpitis and other diseases.

Also, the dentist is urged to abandon the constant use of “weasels” for fresh breath.

“my old teacher used to say that the mucous doesn’t like conditioners and the introduction of various liquids. Constantly it is better not to use”, — concluded the doctor.

Earlier dentist told than run the risk of patients without a planned appointment.

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