In Spa , Guillaume Nicloux sends Gérard Depardieu and Michel Houellebecq in cure in Cabourg. On one side, a sacred monster of the cinema. On the other, the greatest French writer. Enough to inspire admiration in those who would cross their path. Le Figaro publishes an exclusive excerpt of the film, in theaters August 21.

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Five years after The kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq , novelist rests during a stay on the côte fleurie. No alcohol or tobacco, it is difficult to take it easy for the inveterate smoker. All the more that it is recognized by his fans. Or almost.

In this excerpt, Houellebecq and Depardieu are, each on their side, the meeting of admirers a bit clumsy. The novelist is attacked by “one of his biggest fans”, who asks him to autograph a novel… of Yann Queffélec, while the actor fetish of Nicloux keeps the cuspidor to a fan who lectured on his role of Obelix before you sing the song of Laurel & Hardy.