“This is the story of a guy who was going too fast and a big one that is too slow.” Bertrand Blier offers the possibility to the public to enjoy, twenty years after The guardian angels , a fortnight after the Mission Cleopatra , the reunion the movie the interpreter of Obelix with the Asterix, the indomitable Christian clavier.

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Shot in Belgium last spring, special transport tells the story of the peculiar meeting of Foster (Chistian Keyboard) and Taupin (Gérard Depardieu). The first is wealthy, the latter in a state of insecurity. “All this would be trivial if one of the two was in possession of a frightening scenario, the scenario of their life and their death.” The two men find themselves bound in a case of an interesting history where the world has its own script.

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The new film by Bertrand Blier seems to want to lead, between comic situations and retorts, a reflection on the place of free will. “I know, me, my scenario. There’s the same end for all the world”, dramatizes in the trailer the character from Keyboard, sitting on a bench. And even on the cinema industry in which the scenarios are kings, and the characters are subjected to the will of the authors. “You can’t give me pages to go in the story?” asks the character of Farida Rahouadj. The actress signs with this role, her fourth collaboration with the French filmmaker, after The Sound of Ice cubes , How much you love me and Chops . It is also found in the casting of other well-known names, such as those of Alex Lutz, Alexandra Lamy, Sylvie Testud.

Blier is perhaps one of the best placed to undertake such a film project. Throughout his career, the director and screenwriter has received multiple awards for many of her works. Among all the prizes that he was awarded the César for best film, best original screenplay and best director. The filmmaker is also part of the winners of the Academy to the Oscar, with a statuette of golden received in 1979 to Prepare your tissues in the category of best foreign film.

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on The 14th of march next, Bertrand Blier will be celebrating its 80 years. With a cinema release scheduled for march 13, the day before his birthday, special transport seems to be the perfect opportunity for the creator to finally make fun of all the codes of the cinema with which he plays since years. And for lovers of the seventh art to do the same.

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