Departments: a Source of pollution of the Kama river is the sludge collector

the service is investigating the source of water pollution in Cham in Berezniki in Perm region.

As reported, the company “URALCHEM” reported about stopping the work of the factory “Azot”, which uses the water of the Kama water reservoir for the production of fertilizers. The company on July 7-8, recorded excessive concentrations of calcium chloride in a water source, seeking an investigation.

the Head of Rosprirodnadzor of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Radionova in Instagram said that Agency staff verify the dumps and survey the area. According to the preliminary version polluted runoff originate from the embankment of the tailings pond in the river Tolic, a tributary of the Kama. Samples have been taken.

Rosvodresursy reported that visual inspection of the facility “the White Sea”, JSC “Berezniki soda plant” the place of the spout runoff from the embankment of the tailings pond in the river Tolic. The outlets will be surveyed companies.

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