Deputy MGD In Moscow is the largest in the world testing for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19

the capital hosts the biggest test in the world on population immunity to coronavirus. As reported by AGN “Moscow,” said Moscow city Duma Deputy, head of the faction “United Russia” in the capital’s Parliament Stepan Orlov.

“This is an unprecedented action, the biggest test for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus in human blood, the largest in the world. Already such studies have been performed more than 50 thousand. Is the sample survey of citizens, when on a random sample, Muscovites are invited to go to a clinic free research on antibodies. Moreover, the investigation for the Muscovites, who are in hospitals, but not in connection with the coronavirus. And those that have been sick and are recovered,” he said.

Orlov added that of the 50 thousand people who completed the survey, 12.5% were detected antibodies to the coronavirus. He explained that, according to these results, these people have been exposed to coronavirus.

However, according to him, scientists continue studies of coronavirus, and there is no guarantee how long this immunity will persist.

“There are optimists who say that it is the immune system for many years. We would like to, of course. In any case, it’s immune. There are also opinions of scientists that the virus will subside with time. And even if they are second, third wave, they will be much weaker,” — said Orlov.

According to the Deputy, the Muscovites who have discovered antibodies that have the opportunity to become blood donors and help patients.

For donors in the capital there are special payments. Payment for meals is about 1 thousand rubles, the amount of 5 thousand rubles — this incentive payment.

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